INSIGHT: Glide Memorial United Methodist Church – Cecil Williams – Pt 1

Minister of Liberation Cecil William discusses the founding and future of Glide as an organization that celebrates unconditional love and advances social justice.Cecil Williams was born in San Angelo, Texas, and in 1955 he became one of the first five African American graduates of the Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University. He became pastor at Glide in 1963, focusing not just on ministering to Methodists in the community, but also on the never ending struggle to secure justice for all, particularly for the impoverished, disenfranchised and marginalized among us. Glide has served the poor and disenfranchised for over 40 years and has been at the forefront of anti-poverty, civil rights, HIV/AIDS, recovery, gender equality, tolerance, and other battles. With diverse programs, including meals, health, family services, training and employment, recovery, supportive housing,among others Glide has been a major force for social justice.

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