INSIGHT: Greenbelt Alliance – Jeremy Madsen

Executive Director Jeremy Madsen discusses how the Greenbelt Alliance encourages responsible development through a mix of education and activism, and through partnerships with business, nonprofit and government leaders.Jeremy Madsen joined Greenbelt Alliance from The San Francisco Foundation, where he helped to launch the Great Communities Collaborative and supported social equity, affordable housing, and smart growth efforts around the Bay Area. He previously held positions as a community organizer and lobbyist on fair trade issues and urban quality of life issues, serving as Field Director for Washington state’s Transportation Choices Coalition and the Washington, DC-based Citizens Trade Campaign.Founded in 1958 as Citizens for Regional Recreation and Parks (CRRP), the Greenbelt Alliance works in partnership with local municipalities, communities and businesses, and has secured protection of more than 1.1 million acres of open space, establish urban growth boundaries around 26 cities and five counties, and endorsed the creation of 60,000 homes within existing urban areas.

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