Great Barrier Reef Corals At Risk

"Fish in purple coral" by Ratha Grimes licensed under CC BY 2.0
Fish in purple coral” by Ratha Grimes licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: NT News

A “red alert” has been declared on the Great Barrier Reef due to high threats of coral bleaching. Humans might permanently ruin the seventh natural wonder of the world if we do not quickly tend to the issue and make drastic changes, to source renewable energy and reduce runoff pollution, environmental experts say.

Environmental conditions, such as global warming have caused warmer waters to ‘drain’ corals of their color, turning them into white and grey colors along Lizard Island in the Great Barrier Reef.

“Corals can recover if the water temperature drops and the algae are able to recolonize them,” experts say, if we make changes to adapt clean, renewable sources to reduce pollution.

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Environment, News