A Future for artificial corals in our Oceans

Source: The New Yorker

The future of corals has been redefined by marine biologist Ruth Gates, who plans to create artificial corals that withstand human impact. As recent studies and research found that coral reefs are suffering from bleaching and environmental pollution, Ruth’s plan to ‘assist evolution’ by identifying key qualities to produce stronger corals creates a hopeful future for coral reefs and ocean forests.

Ruth’s research was originally awarded $10,000 by the 2013 “Ocean Challenge” led by Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft, and after more planning she and her research team were awarded an additional $4 million to develop a plan of action. Her research is rooted in her passion for coral reefs and the ocean and her eagerness to help preserve the reefs that have guided her career.

For Ruth and her team, this is just the beginning of a huge challenge to change the fate of coral reefs and ultimately the ocean’s unique systems, to create one that can withstand human interference — even if it means altering the natural with artificial elements.

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Environment, News