A Snapshot of the World’s Deteriorating Historical Sites, in the Shadow of Climate Change

"Stonehenge" by Qalinx licensed under CC BY 2.0
“Stonehenge” by Qalinx licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: The New Yorker

A fascinating and devastating report released by the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in collaboration with the Union of Concerned Scientists reveals heartbreaking snapshots of the world’s most culturally significant locations and how they will be destroyed by climate change.

The report reveals that at least 18 of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites – places of ‘outstanding universal value’ – will be impacted by climate change, as rainstorms, windstorms, rising sea levels, global warming and much more accelerate the rate of their deterioration.

Among them are the historical buildings in Venice that deteriorate with rising sea levels, iconic statues and mosaics, the Statue of Liberty, Stonehenge, ancient manuscripts stored in Chinguetti, frozen tombs of Scythian warriors that melt away, ruins of thousand-year-old cities, historical buildings made of coral, fields of flowers in Cape Floral Kingdom that will wilt and burn in wildfires, wildlife including penguins, the golden lion tamarin monkey and mountain gorilla populations, Yellowstone lakes that dry up and the salt flats in Germany, to name a few.

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