Art that Speaks to Women’s Rights

"Female Portrait 2 by C215" by MsSaraKelly licensed under CC BY 2.0
Female Portrait 2 by C215” by MsSaraKelly licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: LA Times

Art in the streets of Afghanistan is rare – especially graffitti art created by a female artist. Twenty-eight year old street artist, Shamsia Hassani, creates graffiti art on abandoned buildings in the streets of Kabul to speak to women’s rights. Hassani, who teaches art at Kabul University, earned her masters and is a trained classical artist who works on contemporary mural art.

Her work features images of women playing instruments, often in unconventional ways, which is Hassan’s form of bringing a voice to women in Afghanistan. While art is quite rare in exhibition, it is even more rare for a female to partake. Thus Hassan often creates her graffiti art in short intervals of twenty minutes before fleeing the site, as there is always pending danger for females, especially one actively participating in self-expression.

Not only is creating each mural on the streets a bold move for Hassan, but the message her murals carry for females in Afghanistan is equally as bold and powerful.

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