Artspace Develops Plans for “Affordable Housing” Projects in Charleston

Source: The Post and Courier

Charleston city is the next contender for Artspace’s newest affordable housing project. The Minneapolis-based nonprofit works to prevent displacement of local professional artists by designing affordable living units below market value and has now funded over 40 housing projects across the United States.

Local artists will benefit from the new project by not only having access to affordable housing – made possible by both private and public funding – but will also have access to inbuilt studios, exhibition spaces and rehearsal units. In conjunction with local beneficiaries, Artspace is developing a plan to create a space that fulfills artists’ need to be positioned near central locations for performances.

Artspace developer representatives and civic business leaders are currently discussing potential sites in the city to build the project. It is set to finalize and launch in April 2016.

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Justice & Poverty, News