At-a-glance: Polls From Silicon Valley, the High-tech Mecca

"Silicon Valley Financial Center" by Christian Rondeau licensed under CC BY 2.0
Silicon Valley Financial Center” by Christian Rondeau licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: The Atlantic

The Atlantic shares it’s annual “Silicon Valley Insiders Poll” that explores the opinions, views, insights and lifestyles of those living in one the world’s high-tech meccas. The poll includes insight from CEO’s of innovative start-ups, hot tech topics, robots… and other “Silicon Valley-ish” things.

A summary of the polls:

  • 65% of poll participants believe Tesla will be the company to accomplish “driverless cars.”
  • 33% believe that ride-sharing (via Uber, especially) is the most significant innovation in the last 5 years that improved their quality of life, while 8% voted for fitness trackers.
  • 33% believe that by 2025, most Americans will own robots.
  • 78% believe that Apple was right to not unlock the SB shooter’s phone earlier this year.

For more poll results, see the full graphic at: The Atlantic

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