Bay Area Clean Energy Group to Build Solar Farm on Former Landfill

"Solar Farm" by Michael Mees licensed under CC BY 2.0
“Solar Farm” by Michael Mees licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: San Jose Mercury News

The nonprofit electricity provider Marin Clean Energy is managing efforts to build a 49-acre solar farm on a former Chevron landfill in the city of Richmond, the San Jose Mercury News reports. The new solar farm will power 3,000 homes, generate 100 jobs, and reduce the the city’s carbon dioxide output by 10,000 metric tons.

To enhance the farm’s community ties, a portion of the solar panel installations will be performed by individuals with RichmondBUILD, an initiative that trains low-income individuals for jobs in the renewable energy sector. A truly collaborative project, the farm has been hailed as a “win for the city and for the environment.”

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Environment, News