Big Companies are Finally Recognizing the Importance of Neurodiversity

Developers doin’ webs” by Travis Isaacs licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: The Atlantic

At least 58 percent of individuals who have autism are unemployed, despite their qualifications, one study by Drexel University found.

But now more American companies are expanding their neurodiversity, testing the possibilities and positive benefits of creating an environment that embraces the spectrum of cognitive abilities.

One company has created a program to increase opportunities for applicants with autism, by creating an environment where persons with autism can utilize their high functioning skills and experience additional hands-on training; in the process, the company EY (Ernst & Young) says that it is improving its communication and management strategies by spotting and correcting company communication issues along the way.

HP Enterprises and Microsoft are among other companies who are implementing programs that are inclusive to cater to the needs of employees with autism.

Companies that have launched pilot programs are not doing it for “charity,” said Lori Golden, EY Abilities Strategy Leader who led the pilot program. The benefits are great compared to the monetary investment, she explained.

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