Is the Border Patrol Ignoring Migrant Deaths on U.S. Soil?

Border Patrol Museum” by Jonathan McIntosh licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: CNN

The types of migrant deaths on U.S. soil that are “counted” by the Border Patrol vary, depending on no particular death toll system.

A large part of the Border Patrol’s mission is to prevent and keep count of deaths at the border and yet an investigation launched by CNN found that the Border Patrol has been “haphazard” in doing so by refusing to include certain deaths in its total count.

The report by CNN found that officials ignored deaths reported by other agencies and also ignored deaths “that were witnessed by Border Patrol agents.” After reviewing records and databases, CNN further reported that more than 500 deaths at the border have gone unaccounted for over the last 16 years.

The report also says that it is very likely that there are thousands more that haven’t been accounted for.

It has become increasingly important for officials to produce accurate border death tolls in order for border regulations to be shaped into effective, non-deadly policies.

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Justice & Poverty, News