Boston Chief of Arts & Culture Discusses Future of City’s Theater Scene

"Boston Opera House Theater - 2014-04-12" by Bill Damon licensed under CC BY 2.0
Boston Opera House Theater – 2014-04-12” by Bill Damon licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: Boston Globe

Julie Burros, Boston Chief of Arts and Culture, released a piece to the Boston Globe on Monday commenting on the turmoil of Boston’s theater scene and outlining municipal plans to address it. Currently, Boston is home a high number of world class performing arts companies, but a low (and decreasing) number of suitable venues to host these groups. Burros announced the commission of a study to survey and quantify the landscape and needs of the city’s performing arts, calling on leaders of prominent arts groups like the Boston Lyric Opera and Huntington Theater Company to collaborate on solutions to the performance space crisis.

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