California State Lawmakers Step Up to End Homelessness

"21.Downtown1.WDC.11dec05" by Elvert Barnes licensed under CC BY 2.0
21.Downtown1.WDC.11dec05” by Elvert Barnes licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: San Jose Mercury News

A new plan introduced by a bipartisan group of California state senators aims to tackle homelessness in a big way.

The San Jose Mercury News reports, “Under the plan, the state would use proceeds from a $2 billion bond to construct more than 14,000 permanent housing units for chronically homeless Californians who suffer from mental illness. The state would also provide millions of dollars for temporary housing while those homes are under construction.”

Making little impact on the state budget, the plan would be funded by annual tax revenue collected from the state’s top earners under the 2004 Mental Health Services Act.

If approved, the plan would mark a shift in responsibility for homelessness, which has traditionally been left to city and county governments to solve.

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Justice & Poverty, News