Changes Ahead for the MacArthur Foundation’s Giving Strategies

Source: Chicago Tribune

In an interview with the Chicago tribune, the new president of the MacArthur Foundation, Julia Stasch, explained that the foundation will be revamping its strategies to align with principles of “agile philanthropy.” “The newer climate is characterized by heightened urgency and the need to invest deeply to have the kind of transformational impact that the times require,” Stasch told the Tribune.

To meet this urgency, the foundation is cutting back its projects in order to invest larger amounts in smaller number of issues. These “big bets” will be U.S. criminal justice, global climate solutions, and nuclear risk. Stasch also announced plans for a $100-million endeavor to solve a single problem.

Although the MacArthur Foundation will be continuing its prestigious genius grants, organization leaders are working on responsible ways to halt investment in projects on affordable housing, girls’ secondary education in developing countries, and juvenile justice reform.

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