China Bans Foreign Imports of Waste from Foreign Countries

Don’t waste water” by Kumar Jhuremalani licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: Reuters

China announced a ban on imports of scrap materials, such as plastic waste and paper from foreign countries as part of its move to reduce foreign garbage.

Leaders of the United States Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries then expressed concerns on the impact of the ban, claiming that the industry supported more than 150,000 jobs and that exported scraps from the US contributed billions to China’s economy every year.

Representatives in China said that it was the responsibility of every country to tend to proper disposal of its waste.

Representatives from other countries voiced concerns over China’s abrupt decision to stop imports of scraps, claiming that it could have a sudden impact on the way scraps are disposed of, “directing them away from productive and toward disposal,” said one U.S. representative.

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