Data Analysis Finds Most Immigrant Groups Attain Higher Education in U.S.

Foothill graduates-10” by JD Lasica licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: US News

A report in the National Bureau of Economic Research found that most immigrant groups in the U.S. attain higher education and “exceed schooling levels” of typical Americans. Additionally, many arrive in the U.S. with already higher levels of education that most Americans.

However, the largest group of immigrants in the U.S., those from Mexico, do not attain higher education as quickly as other Americans.

Mexican immigrants make up more than $11 million of the immigrant population in the U.S.

Not all immigrants from Latin America follow the same story of falling behind in attaining higher education, but immigrants from Mexico and Central America are less likely to attain higher education compared to immigrants from other countries.

Mexican immigrants attain less than 10 years of education in the U.S., while most other groups attain more than 12 years of education.

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Education, News