Despite Wealthy Beginnings, Black Males are the Most Likely to Fall Into Poverty

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Source: NPR

A new study from the Equality of Opportunity Project found that black males are the most likely to fall into a cycle of poverty — regardless of whether they are born into wealthy families.

The study examined U.S. census data to evaluate the lives of more than 20 million children in the country.

Even when compared to their white counterparts, black males will earn much less as adults than white males.

Lead researchers told NPR that there are two main factors that contribute to this harsh reality. The first is the disparity in upward mobility for black males, and the second is the disparity in downward mobility.

Researchers found that black males have a 50-50 chance of falling into poverty if they are born wealthy, while white males are five times more likely to stay wealthy in their lifetimes.

Furthermore, incarceration rates that are dramatically higher for black males in America compound the likelihood that a black male will end up in a cycle of poverty.

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Justice & Poverty, News