Early Education Impacts Children’s Relationship with Parents

First Lady Frances Wolf Visits Radcliffe Learning Center, Highlights $75 Million Increase for Early Childhood Education in 2017-2018 Budget” by Governor Tom Wolf licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: UPI

A study at Virgina Tech found that children who have access to high quality early education tend to develop better relationships with their parents, into adulthood.

The study examined 96 children who were also participants for the Abecedarian Project, aimed at providing early education for at-risk children.

One group of the children received five years of early education, starting at six weeks old until the age of five.

The results indicated that at-risk children who received high-quality early education experience benefits emotionally and socially, were more likely to have a car as adults, own a home, have savings, and have better relationships with their parents as adults.

Another finding was that those who received early education had a better grasp of assessing social equality.

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Children & Families, Education, News
Children & Families, Education, News