The Early Stages of a Device that Could Bring Drinking Water to Millions

Drinking water at a street-side water tap” by IUCNweb licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: Newsweek

Scientists developed a device that can capture moisture in the air to store as clean drinking water, using only sunlight.

The study published in journal Science discusses the material used as one with “extremely high surface areas” that can essentially capture large volumes of gases in smaller containers. The material is then heated with sunlight and the water is condensed and stored.

Although the invention is only in its early stages, researchers hope to double its effectiveness in collecting water molecules and to make the source available to people in countries with little access to potable water.

Lead scientist and Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at MIT, Evelyn Wang, says that the team is looking to develop a device that can capture and store up to 30 liters of water, in the size of a small suitcase, enough for a family of four to drink in one day.

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