Earth Day In Dallas to Become a Global Collaboration

Source: The Dallas Morning News

Earth Day celebrations in Dallas are far more than a reminder of how good our Mother Earth is to us in providing all we need to survive and thrive. ‘Earth Day Texas’ (also known as EDTx) is the largest annual forum that brings together thousands of experts from different sectors to discuss and examine our global and environmental issues, policies, solutions and practices.

Founder Trammell S. Crow notes that the forum is aimed at creating an open discussion on the topics that are the toughest and most urgent to the wellness of our environment. The free 3-day event draws in nearly 50,000 people every year, but Crow foresees a future for EDTx that extends far beyond Texan and even US borders.

Crow and the event hosts have established goals to make the largest Earth Day forum an international effort to bring together environmental experts and large corporations to leverage their knowledge for the sake of creating solutions to our greatest issues, like climate change, waste and pollution.

“If they [corporations] aren’t leading the charge, we’re out of luck,” says Crow, who encourages experts from all sectors with vastly different views to come together to exchange ideas that manifest solutions.

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Environment, News
Environment, News