EPA to Lower Standards, Allow Greater Pollution From Cars

Smog” by Simone Ramella licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: New York Times

The Environmental Protection Agency is ready to lower the standards on requirement for cars to be environmental friendly.

The New York Times reported that Scott Pruitt developed the proposal with the goal of “eliminating a regulatory burden on automakers,” which would supposedly results in more affordable cars.

According to reports, California is set on developing its own higher standards on car fuel efficiency requirements, regardless of what happens in Congress.

California’s high standards for cars were met across the country under the Obama administration, but the Trump administration is prepared to undo these “strict” standards in favor of automakers.

Scott Pruitt reportedly said that California was not going to “dictate to the rest of the country what these levels are going to be.”

Opponents of Pruitt’s plan say it shouldn’t be easy to undo a standard that is helping the environment.

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