Mylan Offers Generic Product to Offset $600 EpiPen

"Epi Pen" by Vu Nguyen licensed under CC BY 2.0
Epi Pen” by Vu Nguyen licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: NPR

Mylan makers of the EpiPen will soon launch a generic version of the tool used by thousands of patients for allergies; the introduction of a generic device is set to offset the spiked price of the brand-name product, which over the last 10 years rose to over $600 dollars for a two-pack.

A major petition to reduce EpiPen prices called “Stop the EpiPen Price Gouging” has collected over 150,000 signatures and now Congress and Hillary Clinton are calling upon Mylan to reduce their ‘unsustainable’ prices.

The generic version of the EpiPen would cost $300, but health experts argue that the product is still majorly overpriced compared to other countries, where the device can be purchased for $200.

Mylan claimed “high deductible health plans” as the reason for increased prices for patients.

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