Expert Advice for Getting Millennial Donations on #GivingTuesday

Source: Forbes

Last Friday Dec. 4, the group Achieve, which spearheads the Millennial Impact Project, released a report that “goes beyond numbers reporting to understand how organizations are reaching their donors- in particular, Millennials,” Forbes writes.

Analyzing tactics of organizations that tried to reach millennials for the most recent Giving Tuesday, the researchers behind “#GivingTuesday 2015: Attracting Millennial Donors” came up with three recommendations for nonprofits seeking millennial dollars next year. These were “Plan early and strategically,” “Engage, don’t just solicit,” and “Think beyond digital.”

To summarize, leaders at Achieve advise that nonprofits start early to establish networks to bring people into their mission and utilize grassroots movements to raise awareness of their work outside of cyberspace.

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