Forget Millennials, Retirees Worth $8T in Charitable Giving

Source: Huffington Post

Amid the surge of nonprofits rushing to engage millennial donors, a new study has heralded findings that show that retirees may be the true untapped resource for charitable fundraising. The study, titled “Giving in Retirement: America’s Longevity Bonus,” values the total value of giving (in time and money) by U.S. retirees over the next two decades at $8 trillion, a metric called the “longevity bonus.” As the study notes, retirees are often the most generous and well-resourced givers of time and money. What’s more? The ranks of this benevolent group will soon expand, both due to increased longevity and the surge of baby boomers into retirement, further inflating the giving potential of this undervalued group.

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