Forming LGBT Groups is Nearly Impossible in Some Countries

pride rainbow” by Stock Catalog licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: Reuters

According to a new report by Outright Action International, just a little bit over half of the world’s countries respect LGBT groups who are organizing without threatening to arrest them.

Out of 194 countries, only 109 allow for LGBT communities and groups to register legally, as reported by Reuters. In many countries, it is basically impossible to find registered LGBT groups, which leaders say works against progress because these groups help fast track important causes. In other countries, being gay is illegal.

For groups that cannot organize register as official groups, it becomes a huge challenge to raise money or receive funds from the public.

“I truly believe that change in society happens because people organize and push for it. That is how greater equality for LGBT people has been achieved,” said one leader of the group.

Read full story: Reuters

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Justice & Poverty, News