What is the Future and Power of an Online-education?

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Source: Forbes

Online learning and in-classroom education can bring together important elements of a learning environment that can help students of all backgrounds, of all attention spans, of all learning levels.

Some of the major benefits of online-learning are that students can press “pause” and “rewind” on something that they didn’t catch or understand the first time around. It’s important for students to be able to take material and process it at a reasonable pace for themselves, and this is nearly impossible in a classroom. On the other hand, there is nothing like an in-classroom experience, where a face-to-face interaction with an educator can help a student ask questions, get answers, and experience the learning material.

Online learning furthermore gives educators the ability to determine exactly where a student is having trouble by looking at assignments, speeding up or slowing down.

The new and growing resource of online education can give more people around the world access to the highest caliber education and resources.

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Education, News