Giving Tuesday Sees 500 New Corporate Recruits for Pledge 1% Foundation

Source: SF Gate

In celebration of “Giving Tuesday,” the tech-backed Pledge 1% Foundation announced that it has exceeded its goal of getting 500 high-growth companies to take the pledge to donate one percent of their equity, products, employee time and/or profits to nonprofits.

The year-old foundation is a collaborative initiative run by SF software company Atlassian with Salesforce, the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado, and Rally for Impact, dedicated to revolutionizing corporate philanthropy. “We came together with a collective vision: To help companies integrate giving and a culture of social impact from the beginning so it’s part of their DNA,” said the foundation’s director to SF Gate.

Looking ahead, Pledge 1% hopes to gain 1,000 more corporate commitments in 2016 and to make philanthropy a significant consideration in the startup process.

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