Grants Turn Into Loans for Teachers at Low-income Schools

05062014 ED Goes Back to School 5” by US Department of Education licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: NPR

A new report from NPR found that teachers that had initially received grants to teach students in poor neighborhoods ended up having their grants converted to loans due to mistakes in paperwork or miscommunication on behalf of the Education Department.

Normally these TEACH grants are awarded to students who are earning college degrees and who will teach at a low-income school for four years. Although many of these recipients have maintained their end of the deal, somewhere along their way their grants were converted into loans.

Grants are converted to loans if teachers do not meet the requirements set by the Education Department within a certain time frame.

According to the report from NPR, at least one in three of every student who received the grant said they were meeting the standards and yet still had their grants converted to loans. The issue has left many teachers who have chose to change their lifestyles in order to help low-income neighborhoods, with new loans to pay.

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