Guantanamo Naval Base Might Re-purpose to Marine Conservation and Peace Park?

"welcome to Guantanamo..." by Paul Keller licensed under CC BY 2.0
welcome to Guantanamo…” by Paul Keller licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: The New Yorker

A recent report in Science magazine proposed re-purposing the Guantanamo Bay military prison into a “state-of-the-art marine research institution and peace park.” The ironic proposal, experts say, could help restore relations with Cuba, the bay’s host country. The 45 square mile base has been in the possession of the US at a cost of roughly fourteen cents an acre per year, but Cuba has refused to accept the payments for years, since it desires full possession of the base.

Because the US has refused Cuba’s demands, re-purposing the land might help to restore relations with Cuba, as the land will neither be given up nor kept by the US, but rather turned into an environmental benefit for all.

The proposal drafted by conservation biologist Joe Roman, and James Kraska a professor of international law, discusses the bay’s pristine corral reefs and excellent location for marine life preservation as assets for the project. Additional proposals to re purpose Guantanamo Bay have fallen through in the past however, as the experts say that the US should just give up the land which has served little purpose for the US.

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