Health Experts Urge Government to Allow Flu Shots for Detained Immigrants

Source: NBC News

Health experts are urging the Department of Homeland Security to allow for free flu shots for detained immigrants, pointing to the potential flu infections that could take hold.

The administration had decided to not vaccinate those who are detained, despite the number of deaths have happened under the cruel and unsanitary conditions at these camps where migrants are being held.

A group of health experts even offered to provide mobile flu vaccines at no cost and the government refused, saying that asylum seekers are not even held long enough for that to be an issue. Though it is evident that many have been held for days and weeks on end.

The death rates for children in custody of the government are nine times higher when it comes to the flu, than any other children, according to health experts.

“In our professional medical opinion, this alarming mortality rate constitutes an emergency which threatens the safety of human lives, particularly children,” said a letter signed by seven physicians.

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Children & Families, Health, News