Home Care for Elderly Potentially Affected by Immigration Policies

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Source: NPR

A large percentage of home care providers for the increasing population of elderly in the U.S. are both legal and illegal immigrants.

It is not unusual for those working in the industry to work long hours with little pay.

About a quarter of the three million people who provide home care for the elderly are immigrants, many of who are now struggling with the possibility of deportation under policies of the Trump administration.

Leaders in the home care industry say that one of the policies that would hurt immigrant workers in this industry the most is that which restricts family reunification, because most immigrants come to the U.S. this way.

The industry of home health aids has been one of the fastest growing in the country, as it is a low-skilled, low-paid position. Experts say that millions of workers in the pipeline for home care would be lost, and it would take very special types of people who are willing to get paid relatively low to do this type of work.

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