How Artificial Intelligence Will Inspire a New Generation of Learning

Source: NPR

Google built a “self learning” artificial intelligence (AI) computer system called AlphaGo that learned to play a popular strategic game on its own. This system uses a “neural network” that draws from databases and theories on human brain function to “learn” and ultimately make decisions.

Such sophisticated advances in AI could pose threats to our current educational system, challenging the ways in which humans are relevant in the learning process. Already AI has replaced humans through apps and sites, and according to the World Economic Forum, automation might eliminate 5 million jobs worldwide.

Pearson, the biggest education company, suggests however that AI could simply compliment humans in education, by filling in the gaps where there is a “shortage of expertise in subject matter.” Forbes Magazine editor, Geoff Colvin, suggest that AI could inspire our educational system to focus less on numbers and memorization, and more on human interaction, creativity, collaboration and creative communication — matters that happen only between humans and cannot be replaced by AI.

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Education, News