How Many Students Actually Use Career Services at Their Universities?

Jennifer Day (M.S., 10), talks with Bernadette Grafton” by University of Michigan School of Natural Resources & Environment licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: The Atlantic

Career services offered at universities are not offering students enough support and opportunity, one survey suggests, (part of a several-year long project to examine the usefulness of bachelor’s degrees in America).

The survey found that only 17 percent of students who graduated between the years of 2010 and 2016 found career services at their universities useful. The majority of those in the survey said that their visits to the career center were “somewhat helpful.”

The trend seems to be true across all universities, regardless of ranking or cost.

First generation and transfer students were not as likely as their peers to use their campus career services, according the the report, because those students were less likely to have familiarity with the service.

Students who utilize the services reported feeling better prepared for life after college.

A general consensus among educators is that colleges and universities should consider that data when deciding where to invest more time, energy and funds in order to improve services for students and to help them better prepare to use their degrees.

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