How Views on Race Relations Differ for White and Black Americans

"African American / Latino Parent Summit 2012" by COD Newsroom licensed under CC BY 2.0
African American / Latino Parent Summit 2012” by COD Newsroom licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: NPR

A survey from the Pew Research Center found that views on race relations in the U.S. are dramatically different between black Americans and white Americans, according to a recent report.

From views on whether American will ever reach an “environment where black and white (Americans) are treated equally,” to views on the success of Obama’s administration on improving race relations, both black and white Americans reported different trends in their perceptions.

While 40 percent of white Americans say that sufficient change has been made to improve race relations in America, only 8 percent of black Americans say the same.

While 75 percent of white Americans are optimistic that America will succeed in creating an environment of equal treatment of all, 43 percent of black Americans believe the country ‘will never get there.’

While only 27 percent of white Americans believe too little attention is paid to the topic of race, 58 percent of black Americans believe so.

Fifty-nine percent of white Republicans in America believe too much attention is paid to race.

On one topic both black and white Americans reported having similar views: bringing together people from different backgrounds to discuss race would be helpful to improve race relations, with 34 percent and 41 percent, of white and black Americans respectively, agreeing.

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