Innovative Power Plant can Function with Molten Salt

"2014_10_26_jfk-sfo_304z" by Doc Searls licensed under CC BY 2.0
2014_10_26_jfk-sfo_304z” by Doc Searls licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: Grist

In Nevada, a new solar tower generates electricity from molten salt, without the need of sunlight to function.

The Crescent Dunes zero-emission energy plant, developed by SolarReserve, can deliver 10 hours of energy to 75,000 homes at a time. The power plant has over 10,000 mirror to reflect and concentrate sunlight onto the salt.

“The mirrors concentrate heat on the giant load of sodium and potassium nitrates that are sent to the top of the tower. These salts have extremely high melting points, and can reach temperatures of more than 500 degrees Celsius. Their heat is channeled towards boiling water to produce steam, which spins turbines and generates electricity when needed. When not needed, the salt is stored in insulated tanks on the ground,” Grist reported.

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