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Instagram Censors Photography from Boston Museum Account

2008-03-22 03-23 Boston 093 Museum of Fine Arts” by Allie_Caulfield licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: One America News Network

Instagram, the social media platform for sharing photos and short videos, recently censored a series of photos posted on the Boston Museum of Fine Arts Instagram account, by photographer Imogen Cunningham to promote an art exhibit at the museum.

The black and white photos included a naked woman’s torso and another one of a 1970s photo of the Cunningham and a nude model.

Cunningham’s artwork has been considered pivotal in the art world for photographers, as she fought to have the artwork recognized as fine art, explained Karen Haas, Curator of Photography at the museum.

OANN online news reports that the social media platform’s guidelines say they do not allow nudity in photos and also prohibits photos of female nipples.

However, it does allow paintings and sculptures depicting nudity. So, why not photography from a monumental, fine arts legend? Instagram has yet to comment.

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