Intertwining Science and Art to Teach About Oceans

Source: Artnet News

“Francesca von Habsburg’s Vienna-based foundation, Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary, (TBA21) is planning a long-term “Oceans Pavilion” in Venice that she hopes will be launched in the next two years.”

The foundation, which funds unconventional artistic works that speak on environmental or social issues, will fund a permanent “Oceans Pavilion” that will include a series of exhibits and programming on environmental factors that impact our oceans. The collaboration draws on science and art, bringing two exceptionally different sectors together to create a new type of art that can speak to the issue, as climate change remains a prominent concern globally.

Habsburg’s annual conference brought together artists, scientists, activists and anthropologists for a number of lectures, workshops and performances on the topic of climate change and its impact on oceans. The effort allowed for multiple sectors to intersect and contribute knowledge on the topic; a collaboration that will bring “Oceans Pavilion” to life.

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Arts, Media & Culture, Education, Environment, News