LA to Prevent Crime with Body Scanners at Metro Stations

North Hollywood Metro Station” by Chris Yarzab licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: NPR

New technology at the Los Angeles metro station will help prevent crime by scanning metro riders for weapons or explosives.

The Transportation Security Administration announced that the stations have several units to scan metro riders and the technology is very similar to that used in airports.

The technology is more efficient, however, and can scan riders when they’re walking in the area, and don’t need to necessarily be lined up. The scanner can read body heat and reveal weapons by detecting radiation from the riders.

“The idea is that law enforcement officers can use these test results to identify someone who might be carrying something dangerous and then pull that person aside for further screening,” said TSA spokeswoman Lorie Dankers, reported NPR.

The Los Angeles transportation system is the 9th largest in the country.

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Justice & Poverty, News