Launching Bilingual Classes in California

10102012 – Principal Shadowing 27” by US Department of Education licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: NPR

Bilingual education may be more readily available for English Language Learners now that Prop 58 passed in California, lifting restrictions on bilingual education that required certain permissions to enroll student.

How many schools will offer bilingual education, what the cost will be, and how many certified bilingual teachers will be needed – and available – are all a few of the next questions that California’s state education system will have to answer and develop solutions for.

The new law does not mandate bilingual education, but in 2017 will lift restrictions. The option will rely on the demand within each school; if enough parents want bilingual courses in any given school, then the school will have to provide. The programs will help to serve the 1.4 million ELLs in California.

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Education, News