Limited Resources for Children With Autism Can Cost $300,000 a Year

"n15901200_36677889_4053" by KOMUnews licensed under CC BY 2.0
n15901200_36677889_4053” by KOMUnews licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: The Atlantic

One in 68 children in America have Autism, according the the US CDC, many of which fall across the spectrum of mild to severe cases.

While the federal government requires states to support students with special needs, it doesn’t adequately supply the funds necessary to accommodate children who are diagnosed with Autism. The condition can be very expensive and resources quite limited.

The New England Center for Children (NECC) Autism Institute, for example, is an outstanding resource that provides children with special care, one-on-one guidance for the most part and learning and development resources; however, few parents can afford to pay for the privately funded program which can cost $300,000 plus per year for their child. In many cases, parents will take their case to court to require public school funds to be diverted to accommodate their child’s special needs case.

A lack of public support for children with autism becomes apparent when parents of Autistic children find themselves struggling to find financial and educational support that extends to their child’s needs.

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Children & Families, Health, News