Living Near Freeways Directly Correlated With Lung Health Problems

Traffic stopped, Call box, downtown San Francisco Freeway, California, USA” by Wonderlane licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: Forbes

High air pollution near freeways in California have resulted in health issues for people living in those areas.

Where you live affects the quality of your health, according to one recent study by USC’s Children’s Health Study, which found that children living in areas with high air pollution face lung health issues, and are living with asthma and lung damage more than children in less polluted areas. The study found that the further children are from these heavily polluted regions, the better their lung health is.

Data from the USC Environmental Health Centers also indicate that higher levels of air pollution have been linked with high blood pressure and diabetes in pregnant women and could affect their unborn children.

In particular, those living in near freeways are at greater risk due to high levels of air pollution from vehicle emissions. Although city planners have warned against building housing too close to freeways, there are still many families living near them in areas like Los Angeles.

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