Manufacturing Jobs, on the Low End

"EARN Press Event at Tulkoff Food Products" by Maryland GovPics licensed under CC BY 2.0
“EARN Press Event at Tulkoff Food Products” by Maryland GovPics licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: The Atlantic

Jobs in manufacturing have significantly grown since after the Great Recession, but they are not high-profile, well paying jobs anymore. In fact, a study by Berkeley’s Center for Labor Research Education found that one-third of manufacturer workers rely on federal and public assistance to make ends meet. These include programs like Medicaid, food stamps and household-income assistance.

An estimated $10.2 billion in assistance goes toward American families of low-income manufacturing jobs every year.

The post-recession era of manufacturing jobs is not as glamorous–nor sustainable–for families in America as it previously was. At least a quarter of manufacturing workers qualify for Earned Income Tax Credit – subsidies for low-income families. Unfortunately, these jobs are no longer reliable as long-term jobs, since most hiring for temporary workers and often pay hourly, minimum wages.

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Justice & Poverty, News