New Pixar App Enhances Movie Experience for the Blind

Source: KQED News

Last month, Pixar threw a party to test a new app that seeks to enhance the movie-going experience for blind and low-vision individuals, reports KQED. With the app, blind and visually impaired guests screened ‘The Good Dinosaur,’ listening through headphones to synced descriptions of significant on-screen visuals interspersed with segments of dialogue.

The app met with praise from leaders of nonprofits invited to the event, including the director of community services at the LightHouse for the Blind, Lisamaria Martinez, who hailed the app as a drastic improvement over current visual aid technology.

According to KQED, the app is more that just an opportunity to “follow along,” it’s also a chance for a group of people to feel included in the full movie experience.

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