On Average, Women Pay 7 Percent More Than Men on Similar Products

"Deodorant" by Clean Wal-Mart licensed under CC BY 2.0
Deodorant” by Clean Wal-Mart licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: Quartz

“All female customers shop tax free,” reads a sign in the pharmacy’s window. Next to it, another one says “All male customers are subject to a 7% man tax,” writes Quartz online news.

On average, women pay 7% more on products, compared to similar products for men. Yet women earn about 79% of what men do.

One pharmacy in New York City is fighting to raise awareness of these inequalities by removing the tax for women in its pharmacy, while men are subject to a “7% man tax.”

The pharmacy does not actually impose a new or extra tax on men — it simply eliminates the one on women.

In the United States, only 11 states currently waive tax on women’s hygiene products, which are deemed necessary. While many other states seek to eliminate tax on women’s hygiene products similarly, there is major push back from people who claim that the rule is sexist, or the tax is necessary.

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