Ph.D. Students Providing Mental Health Care for Immigrant Communities

"Brains!" by Hey Paul Studios licensed under CC BY 2.0
Brains!” by Hey Paul Studios licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: NPR

Receiving treatment and care for mental health problems can be most difficult for immigrants and for the Latino community in particular. A number of collaborations between free health clinics and Ph.D. students have developed around the country to help fill the gap in shortage of services available to these communities that often cannot afford or access treatment otherwise.

A number of issues stand in the way between Latino communities and access to mental health care, including cost, cultural and language barriers, health disparities, and even the stigma around mental health – which is especially sharp in Latino communities. Yet Latinos are equally likely to experience mental health issues, such as trauma from poverty and drug cartels, cases of rape, and other difficult situations experienced growing up, but receive a disproportionate amount of treatment.

Students in master’s and Ph.D. programs from Georgia, Virginia, Colorado, Texas and Oregon, collaborate with respective clinics to provide free mental health counseling for patients; the students offer the counseling as part of their training and they are unpaid.

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