Pro-life Groups Organize Protest on Planned Parenthood for February

Anti-abortion…” by tsaiproject licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: Chronicle of Philanthropy

The Pro-Life Action League group has expressed excitement in reaching new heights and “working on some big goals” under the Trump administration, especially after Vice President Mike Pence attended and spoke during the anti-abortion protest on Friday.

Anti-abortion policies are expected under a majority-Republican White House and Congress, including stopping funds for Planned Parenthood.

Over 70 organizations that are pro-life have voiced their support for a protest against Planned Parenthood organized by pro-life groups, set to happen on February 11.

Pro-life organizations, like Focus on the Family, which has been ranked as one of America’s largest charities, have, like Planned Parenthood, also experienced a surge in donations from individual donors around the country.

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Children & Families, Health, News
Children & Families, Health, News