Public Benefit Programs in the U.S. Help Keep Children out of Poverty

“Tauer” by T. Hayes licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: American Progress

Social benefit programs such as Medicaid and CHIP have been found to be most helpful to young children, as the largest group of beneficiaries in the U.S. is made up of young children.

Food assistance programs have helped keep thousands of families out of complete poverty, and studies have found that poverty in the U.S. would otherwise we double what it is today without such programs.

As the administration looks to reduce the number of beneficiaries in the U.S., impoverished families are urgently looking for alternative options to merely survive.

Furthermore, children are the most likely to experience long-term negative impacts as a result of poverty simply put because of the trauma and obstacles that a life in poverty creates.

Researchers found that in 2016, public benefit programs reduced child poverty from 25 percent to 16 percent.

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Children & Families, Justice & Poverty, News
Children & Families, Justice & Poverty, News