Report: College Futures Foundation Explores Best Practices for Funding Higher Education in California

UC Berkeley” by Charlie Nguyen licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: College Futures Foundation

California must reevaluate how it makes decisions about funding for higher education if the state wants to ensure the success of its students and residents, and drive their active and significant contributions to society, a recent report from College Futures Foundation explains.

Some of the target issues that California’s higher education system faces include (as outlined by the recent report from College Futures Foundation):

-Unreliable patterns of funding streams for higher education;

-Fallible budgeting practices of employee benefits;

-A lack of flexibility in academic cost structures;

-Lack of clear communication between the state and institutions;

-Revenue and spending trends that are ineffective

Without adhering to these basic principles, California’s system for higher education will institutionalize – and perpetuate – social inequality and will limit opportunities for the futures of Californians.

Read full report of recommendations to tackle issues on funding for higher education in California (PDF)

Read full story at: College Future Foundations

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Education, News