Homelessness in San Francisco: a Multidimensional Issue

Homeless Vet @ Ferry Building Farmer’s Market” by Vera Yu and David Li licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: SF Gate

Homelessness in San Francisco is a multidimensional issue that is perpetuated by many factors within the city.

In 2015, about 6,686 homeless individuals were counted by the city, but this number is rather difficult to accurately calculate and often is incorrect; in fact, the public health department estimated 10,000 homeless individuals living in the city, while the SF Coalition on Homelessness estimated 12,000.

The multidimensional issue is perpetuated by rising rent costs, and very limited living spaces. In homeless shelters there are always shortages of beds, and wait-lists for years. In addition, while there is a general understanding that San Francisco offers services to homeless individuals that are superior to surrounding areas, many people nevertheless become homeless when they move into the city because they cannot afford housing. Many of these individuals who seek housing are families with children, and also individuals who in addition face mental or health issues.

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Justice & Poverty, News