Researchers Look for Ways to Prevent any Detriment to the Environment Through Renewable Energy

Wind Turbines” by Rob Faulkner licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: AccuWeather

Whether an energy source is renewable or not, the Union of Concerned Scientists says that every energy source will have some type of adverse effect on the environment.

As the use of renewable energy sources across the United States continues to grow and now accounts for the majority of new energy resources in the country, according to Forbes, it has become increasingly important to study the impact of creating renewable energy products.

It is therefore important for researchers and scientists to investigate the environmental impact of renewable energy products compared to the impact of using fossil fuels. The assessment comes in the form of evaluating a product’s environmental “life cycle” impact, all the way from the manufacturing process to the moment that the product is destroyed once again.

Although renewable energy resources are generally less detrimental to the environment, scientists and researchers are working on ways to reduce any impact. For example, wind turbines kill birds and bats the fly into them, so researchers are finding ways to prevent this from happening.

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Environment, News